Alpinism and  Via Ferrata

The mountain is a place to live, to listen, to observe curious and attentive.

It is a place where we can find ourselves in contact with our motherland.

It is a place where, once you get to the top, you get lost in the natural beauty of what you see.

To live it, and to live it well, it is important to learn to know it and to face it, with the help of experts who know how to guide you through its arduous routes.

That's why our IFMGA certified Alpine Guides are at your

disposal for guiding you

to the discovery throughout

the Alps in complete safety.

The most beautiful Vie Ferrate - routes equipped to reach peaks 

that are otherwise inaccessible - are waiting for you for an incredible and adrenaline adventure!

Some example of the most beautiful Vie Ferrate in which we'll take you:

Via Ferrata Averau -  Alpini col dei bos - Strobel punta Fianes -

Ra Bugela