Sport Climbing

A primal instinct, an inner nature that, if cultivated, grows in all its strength...

...climbing is an impulse that we’ve been carrying inside us  forever.

When we climb our feelings amplify,

and once we get to

the top of the route,

the fatigue

of the effort leaves

room for satisfaction.

— Name, Title

Our places are
full of wonderful cliffs overlooking the sea or that appear among green woods.

Our city in
particular, Trieste,
has a wide range of
walls to have fun on,
as well as a
long-standing tradition
in the world of climbing.

The different cliffs of Val Rosandra or those of

the famous and spectacular

Via Napoleonica are just some of the many walls of our surroundings.
Join us, we will teach you how to climb the most pleasant routes in Trieste!