About us

The Story

Outdoorlab® IBLAREI's brand, founded with the aim of transmitting the passion for outdoor activities, by encouraging the discovery of nature and a deeper awareness of our land. 


It is based in Venezia Giulia, in Trieste, and has been active for several years and operates throughout Italy and the world: it organizes activities, adventure trips, explorations and events in mountainous areas and beyond.

Outdoorlab® brings together IFMGA Mountain Guides and other professionals who work in synergy to offer you the best and most suitable programs to satisfy your desire for adventure.

Pro Green

As lovers of nature and of the place where we live in, we are always careful about the environment that welcomes us, that's why our excursions are based on ecoturism and ecofriendly politics:

  • During our sailing activities, we try to use the engine as little as possible and to mainly sail in order to reduce consumptions and emissions in the air and in the water

  • We follow a Plastic-Free lifestyle to minimise our environmental impact

  • We never use non-recyclable material during our trips

  • At the beginning of our tour we offer a zero mile aperitif to encourage the local economy.

Why Us

The outdoor is an ever-more enchanting world and more and more people decide to make a job out of it.  But it is essential to be able to distinguish among all the professional figures who are part of this world, as much amazing as dangerous.

Our guides are IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations) certified, they are experts aware of dangers that nature can hide and they will be able to guide you through the most magical place in complete safety.

Moreover, our innovative programs Sailing& set us apart, we wanted to combine two different worlds apparently incompatible and we created something truly unique, you won't regret choosing us!