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Trieste's Gulf


New Year's Eve Special Tour 

Who would ever thought that sea and earth, two elements so different from each other, 
could be complementary?
Who would ever thought that the adventurous one, in constant need of adrenaline, of passion, melted together these two different elements but so similar to each other in their wild nature?
Free spirits as we are, we perceived the same thirst for adventure, and we decided to make it real. 
We introduce the Sailing&, a customizable activity,  an exciting sea experience to combine with a trekking week discovering the territory, or with climbing days to enjoy all the magic of the rock, or again with caving: the exploration of enchanting caves. 
Not only this: the activities to combine with sailing can be also combined with each other to give birth to a multisport experience which includes 
your favourite sports. 
Here following some example of activity.  
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